Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Delhi smart city’s major role in an urbanized country!

India is speedily developing into an urban nation. With such scope for growth and such young population exploring new territories and achieving new heights in success, India is being seen as the next superpower for an obvious reason. But, what India is potential of achieving is not really what India will actually achieve. Getting substance to rhetoric is one of the most difficult tasks and also the most significant ones if the much hyped hoopla about India’s potential is anywhere to be accomplished and achieved. For that, great development is required in all fields and the real estate sector stands on the forefront.
For development of any kind, an initiation is requisite and the government of India has done a fine job in focusing on the development of the real estate sector. The government’s best decision was to develop various smart cities across India to enhance the development. But, this initiation needs confidence and belief in order to make it a succession of successes. A benchmark is always requisite whenever something grand is on the cards. The benchmark in this grandeur is undoubtedly Delhi, the capital where one of the proposed 100 smart cities is being developed.

Delhi is the benchmark not because it is the capital, but because it is a place where a lot of redevelopment work is required, just like many cities in India. Due to overpopulation and lack of infrastructure, there are many illegal houses made temporarily and the government plans these smart cities to eradicate that problem. They also want to give people a higher standard of living. But, the question arises if it is possible? Delhi will answer that that’s why it is being viewed as the benchmark. If the smart city idea succeeds in Delhi, the entire country will be raring to build more such cities to solve a lot of problems! 

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