Saturday, 26 September 2015

Consider the L Zone project for the best housing option

A perfect home is not merely a house that has perfect settings for a family. A home is built when comfort and luxury are entwined with scope for growth and happiness. When all these are fused together in perfect harmony, an ideal home is made! To get all the essential elements, advanced facilities are required. You must opt to buy homes that are surrounded by all the facilities that make living a pleasure. Initially, you must be very keen on choosing homes that have exceptional transportation mediums including airports, highways, freeways and railway junctions. Such transportation lenience makes travelling easy.

Along with that, scope for growth is essential. One must choose homes that fall in close proximity of the best educational institutions, schools, colleges, universities etc. This will allow children to learn and grow well, that too while being around exceptional facilities that everyone would love to have. It’s also essential to ensure that recreational activities are easily available, like swimming, jogging tracks, playgrounds for kids, parks for the elderly and gymnasiums for one and all. When you have all these, life becomes a pleasure and you can get that by choosing the best project in L zone, which is one of the best ventures in Delhi. 

Thursday, 24 September 2015

Get great homes in Dwarka at satisfactory rates

Getting a home is the most important thing in a person’s life. No matter in which perspective a person views buying a home, it always is the highlight of a living. Financially it is the triumph of great planning and perseverance. Mentally, it is the symbol of stability and security. And emotionally, it is the glory of a journey in which there were lot of troubles and now the victory has come up in form of a home! It is a place where a family and its several generations will reside; it is a place where knots are tied.

A home is surely priceless; any person would willingly pay any price for an ideal and perfect home. But, how justified is this? A home is precious, but that doesn’t mean that you pay absolutely any amount for it! Buying an overpriced home is an insult to residing. It is wise to buy an affordable home rather than just splashing a massive sum of money. You can reside in smart homes as they are ideal for you and your family. They also provide all facilities that you need. You can purchase affordable homes in Dwarka in order to buy a perfect home that is affordable at the same time! 

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Enjoy a perfect house in L Zone!

A house with 4 walls is just a bland house. It is absolutely true that home is where the heart is, but to get the heart in love with a house, one needs to get the best apartments available. An ideal apartment has the best walls; it is well planned and is perfect for the people residing there. Imagine a family moving to a new house, and none of them like the place. Then there is no point in having that house. A home has to be perfect; something that will please every member living in it, then and only then, it becomes a ‘home’.

It must have great space utility, where everyone gets ample space to reside and keep their things well. Furniture has to be simply perfect; they define how the space is utilized and how a house looks! Also, the location of the house, its positioning and its structure must please the members or else it will be an object of despair. Then a question arises, where do we find houses that are ideal for an entire family? It’s simple, you can opt to purchase apartments in L zone to have a dream house that fulfills your wildest of imagination! 

Monday, 21 September 2015

Advantages of having an apartment in a smart city

It is a very essential thing to buy a home in a smart city. That’s just not because of a higher standard of living, that’s also because you get many services and facilities that you will never get in normal and ordinary residential complexes and housing areas. In a smart city, you get to live in spacious and well planned homes that accommodate a lot of furniture, and still manage to get you all the space that you require. Along with that, there are excellent security systems like CCTV surveillance, door phone and 3-tier security that always ensures a sound sleep for you.

Then you also have fun amenities for recreation like a swimming pool where you can enjoy with your family, everyday! Then you also get a jogging track, garden for yoga and ample space for the elderly to rest and also have short walks. Also, there are gyms that keep the fitness spirits going well. Then there is great proximity to all transportation hubs. A few kilometers, and you reach the airport in no time! Nearby, there is a railways station and a highway! When you have a flat in smart city Delhi your life is surely luxurious! 

Sunday, 20 September 2015

Fantastic apartments available at smart cities in Delhi

An apartment has to fulfill all requirements and demands of the family or people residing in it. It because a person views his apartment more than just a living space, it’s his home and heaven. It’s a place where he decides to stay for a long period of time. More than anything, it is a place where he decides to spend his precious time with his even more precious family. A home is a place where a child grows up, it’s a place where bonds are strengthened and relations are made. It’s a very true cliché that says, ‘Home is heaven’.

Any home is not acceptable. Can a person stay happy in a place that provides no comfort? Is it possible for his kids to grow up in a place that doesn’t have any scope of growth? Certainly not! A good standard of living is a must to garner a greater lifestyle. A greater lifestyle will certainly act as a catalyst in making you reside in a heavenly home. Smart homes facilitate exactly what you need for an ideal home. The facilities that smart homes provide ensure that you live exceptionally well. Smart city Delhi apartments must be chosen wisely for a decision that makes your future bright!

Saturday, 19 September 2015

Smart cities in Delhi provide the best apartments

Finding an apartment is not difficult. With such a boom in the property and realty sector, many people have come together for creating residential complexes that facilitate many living spaces. The real task is to find homes that are in good proximity to many services and transportation facilities. Also, a good society is a pre-requisite. That’s because a home is a place where a person resides for a long period of time. Having a good society and well cultured people around pertains to a very healthy environment and also a very pleasant surrounding that you would be completely satisfied with.

This, along with worldly amenities makes for a greater home, and everyone definitely wants that. The problem is that, every residential complex is independent and every society has its own problems ranging from shortage of water and electricity to lack of services. To get facilities in constant abundance, it is wise to take an apartment in a smart city. In a smart city, everything is constantly distributed and there are hardly any resource issues. Apartments in smart city Delhi can change your life in a completely positive manner. This allows your family to have a fine time, all the time! 

Friday, 18 September 2015

Want a great lifestyle? Opt for a smartly planned infrastructure!

Everybody wants a great lifestyle for obvious reasons. People want to live life easily and comfortably. But, comfort and convenience is not merely limited to a soft couch and a king size bed. It also isn’t limited to a bath tub and a gymnasium in your proximity; it is far more than just that. Greater lifestyle pertains to great facilities available easily. Imaging you have a heavenly house but the nearest hospital is 30Km away, you can’t be comfortable with that! These things define comfort, its convenience of services that define comfort!
When you have great fire protection systems and a fire fighting service nearby, you can be rest assured that if any fire breaks out accidentally, you will be relieved pretty soon, owing to the proximate service. Same is with medical services. Imagine having schools and colleges nearby, your kids can easily travel and save a lot of time for studies. Moreover, if you get exceptionally good and wide roads, it’s an absolute treat. You can travel anywhere in no time with smooth roads ready to serve you well. All this can be possible in a smart city, where there is planning of the highest caliber.

Smart infrastructure makes all this possible. Our cities and towns today are unplanned. We often face a lot of traffic and unattended crowds all the time, all this is due to bad or no planning. But in smart cities, the infrastructure is so well planned that you hardly face any problems that you face in cities today. Also, good planning pertains to services and you can get anything from a grocery item to a medicine to a hospital bed, all with consummate ease. Choose smart infrastructure for greater living standards, simply choose smart cities!

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Smart City and its smart features!

What makes a smart city stand out amongst all types of infrastructures and complexes? Just by calling it a smart city makes it superior to others? Certainly not. A city becomes a smart city owing to its features. Then a question pops up, what features do we benefit from when we choose smart cities? The advantages are countless and the facilities at our disposal are so valuable that it makes you feel that you have paid exceedingly less for the home you have purchased!
Smart cities are planned in a way that traffic issues never come to haunt you! Wide roads that connect to nearest railway and air hubs along with major highways facilitate easy transport.
Wi-Fi connectivity-
The smart age requires smarter facilities. The new generation runs on the internet! 24/7 Wi-Fi connectivity makes sure that your devices keep feeding you the information that you want.
A massive, state of the art gym is at your disposal along with a jogging track and Yoga practicing space. Sweat it out as much as you want. A health-centric person’s paradise resides in a smart city!
Massive playgrounds for sporting enthusiasts and an amphitheater for children and the elderly pertain to recreation that matches all classy standards.

These features surely aren’t found in simple complexes and residential areas, if they are somehow found, they have to be utilized separately spending a lot for all. In smart cities, all these are a part of the plan and you get everything as a part of your daily living. These facilities are structured in a way that a lot of people can benefit with them. 

Thursday, 10 September 2015

Does India really need smart cities?

Ever since the announcement that 100 smart cities will be built in India, skeptical minded people along with the general population pondered on a question if smart cities were really required by the nation. People asked for a justification for building smart cities, stating that increasing poverty must be addressed first. Smart cities may appear like a lavish spending and investment focused at greater
standard of living, but in the hindsight, it’s far more than just that. Fundamentally, smart cities pertain to better infrastructure and infrastructure brings an entity investment, of course if the plan is worth every penny.

To understand what a smart city can do, it is important to know what a smart city is. A smart city is a massive complex of buildings and service centers with all requisite and advanced facilities available in proximity. It’s a microcosm of a metropolis. In building a smart city, lesser resources are used and more utility and productivity is achieved. In general societies and residential complexes, we find lack of planning amidst every structure, there is lack of planning right from the distribution of lanes to the positioning of a hospital and even regulation of traffic.

A smart city differs completely from that. A smart city is planned to perfection, every lane, street, parking space, recreational space, medical centers, fire systems, etc. are located and positioned in a way that they provide ultimate convenience to the people living in the smart city. This encourages more and more people to reside in a home, in a smart city. Demand from the people brings investors who are ready to pour in massive sums of money. This money directly or indirectly reaches the government’s locker, and then it can be used for developing under-developed areas or strata of the society, of course if the government has complimentary policies for it.

Apart from the second part of what we do with the poured-in investment, many benefits still arise with smart city construction. Higher standard of living and excellent utility of resources are easily visible advantages, but there are many more. It facilitates a boom in the realty and property sector that also boosts the banking and loaning sector as well. With more investment, especially from foreign entities, more opportunities arise and more scope for development begins to take root. India certainly needs smart cities; it will be a certain catalyst in boosting the down-going economy.

Monday, 7 September 2015

Understanding the idea and benefits of a Smart City

The Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission, which was launched in 2005, had almost 40% of

its work incomplete at the time of its closure on March 31 this year. With increasing urbanization and

the load on rural land, the government has now realized the need for cities that can cope with the

challenges of urban living and also be magnets for investment. The announcement of ‘100 smart cities’

falls in line with this vision, a vision that was formulated in the manifesto of BJP leading up to the 2014

general elections. Then concept of a smart city is pretty easy to understand on a few lines.

Cities are growing faster than the world population. It is increasingly challenging for large and fast

growing cities to manage their operations. The latest technology is enabling greater things in our lives to

exchange data in a common network. The government policies will play a major role in developing smart

cities that help planners truly understand our everyday tasks. But how can smart cities improve our

lives? Innovations in technology are helping private and public organizations gain insight into the needs

of their communities. Cities will become smart by:

 Developing strategies to plan for long-term growth

 Creating more energy-efficient environments

 Improving their infrastructure

 Keeping citizens safe

Asset tracking will streamline operations and achieve operational efficiency like never before. Cities will

be able to track the location of city assets such as utility vehicles, containers or buses and raise alerts

when unexpected events occur. Let’s say a driver comes to an unexpected long stop.  An alert will be

immediately raised and if an event occurs, the city can find the closest suitable vehicle to take its place.

It is a Public private partnership project where large part of the investment will come from private

sector and the state and central government will supplement this effort. Central government and the

Finance Minister Arun Jaitley had promised allocation of a sum of Rs.7,060 crore for the development of

the smart cities.

The project’s aim is “housing for all,” and that is possible only through affordable housing. 50% of India's

population would be living in cities by 2050. It is for this rising class that the need for better living

standards arises. To accommodate this growing and increasingly mobile populace, it is imperative that a

sustainable model of housing be developed.

Most Indian cities haven’t had the structural changes to accommodate such a large influx in decades,

giving rise to conflicts and strife. How will they handle this additional pressure? Or will most of India’s

urban space simply turn into slums? The civic facilities have crumbled; power cuts, water shortages,

flooding, traffic congestion etc. have become regular features of these cities. The speed of urbanization

poses an unprecedented managerial and policy challenge – smart cities are an answer to handling the

seismic shift in the makeup of the nation.

Thursday, 3 September 2015

Investing in a smart city is investing in a greater future!

Ever since the NDA government that came to power in 2014 announced that it would facilitate the construction of 100 smart cities in India, a massive boom in property and real estate sector was experienced. A major boost by the government in this sector meant more job, more residential complexes in coming years and also more utility of available resources. Apart from just a boom, this decision by the government should be seen as an opportunity, an opportunity that is opened up for people from many sections including lenders and buyers.
For lenders, builders etc. it is an opportunity at constructing world class complexes that have all facilities that are required by people who reside in them. Building smart cities is a great resource saving activity. When a smart city is built, one plan is chalked out that makes managing resources and minimal usage of it really easy. Besides, people get all the necessary amenities ranging from medical support, education, excellent services and proximate transportation. The advantage for the society using a resource pool is quite clear and evident. Rather than several colonies and complexes with independent facilities, a unified smart city saves resources to a great extent. It also allows more people to use those resources as well.
As far as a buyer is concerned, it is an ideal time for him to book a house in a smart city. Investing in a smart city or purchasing a home in it is literally or directly investing towards greater future. With luxurious homes available, along with facilities that any world class complex provides, it’s worth every penny you invest.  A smart city, in a bigger picture, is a place where your family can grow. Amenities are available for all groups along with recreational activities that keep people entertained.
A smart city epitomizes perfect living. It epitomizes a standard of living and a lifestyle that everyone aspires to have. It is where your children can grow amidst facilities that are excellent for their development and education. With high security and higher standard of living, you can achieve a lifestyle that people only dream of. Investing in smart cities also allows you to be surrounded by high tech IT solutions and connectivity that keeps your communication lines always active!

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Residential area v/s Smart city

Residential areas are common housing areas where people reside in small colonies and complexes that are independent and each one is separately planned. Such areas are usually developed simply with an aim to provide housing facility to the people. These complexes are unplanned and consume lot of resources as they are developed by different entities. Smart cities on the contrary are well-planned massive complexes that are developed for utilizing resources in a way that they benefit more people as compared to the ones in residential areas.
Smart cities also offer higher standard of living. They make living luxurious and convenient by providing good environment and amenities that are far better than the basic facilities available in residential areas. In smart cities, resources are directed and utilized in a manner that energy is saved and there are hardly any power cuts. Everything is managed in a better manner and every amenity is equally facilitated to every person residing  in the smart city, which is not the case in residential areas.

Benefits of a smart city

·         The term encompasses a vision of an urban space that is ecologically friendly, technologically integrated and meticulously planned, with a particular reliance on the use of information technology to improve efficiency.
·         In a smart city, economic development and activity is sustainable and rationally incremental by virtue of being based on success-oriented market drivers such as supply and demand. They benefit everybody, including citizens, businesses, the government and the environment.
·         According to the Smart Cities Council a real time information should be made that will collect all the data that is collected from sensors – electricity, gas, water, traffic and other government analytics – is carefully compiled and integrated into a smart grid and then fed into computers that can focus on making the city as efficient as possible.

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Good days ahead for home buyers with Real Estate Bill looming in near sight

Home buyers can now dream of easier and more transparent property buying process as the reinforced Real Estate Bill looms in near sight of being passed as a law. Ever since the Rajhya Sabha referred the bill for examination to a Select Committee, the chances of the bill getting passed increased. It was anticipated that this bill, which is passed by the cabinet, will be enforced as a law in the Monsoon session of the Parliament. But, due to major amendments, suggestions and revisions, it seems that the bill will be passed not before the Winter session of the Parliament.
This bill will allow the government to directly impose legal supervision on fly-by-night operators. This Bill will impose strict regulation of buyer-seller transaction. Some clauses of the bill even suggest jail and punitive terms for defaulters in realty sector. Apart from heavy fines, one notable and powerful point in favor of the public is the imprisonment clause of up to 3 years for realty defaulters. The delay in passing the bill has also been caused because the Select Committee has assessed the proposed changes in the bill and have submitting the final report just before the Monsoon session.
38 Recommendations have been put forward in the bill by the 21 member Rajhya Sabha Select Committee. Some of the powers that will be vested in the hands of the administration, and one that will relieve the burden of home buyers are-
·         Restricting realtors from investing more than 50% of the money obtained by buyers in other projects. The state government can impose a higher percentage of this restriction, but it cannot decrease the percentage in any scenario
·         Many promoters book property (apartments) in the pre-construction stage i.e even when the project is not officially registered. To tackle this, the Bill has a provision which clearly states that no promoter can sell an apartment before getting the entire project registered with the government.
·         This clause also emphasizes that the promoter will get only 10% of the apartment cost before registering and giving possession to the purchaser. This will indirectly benefit the home buyers who will get a fixed date of possession of their apartment.
·         The government has kept the interest rate of general and defaulter same, but if the defaulter keeps skipping the rates a fine of 10% of the project cost will be taken. Moreover, violations and delays may also imprison a promoter for 3 years.
·         All projects extending more than 500 sq mt will have to register the project with an appropriate regulator. Earlier the limit was 1000 sq mt. Fines will be imposed if a failure to do so occurs.

All these clauses and provisions of the bill are inclined in favor of the common man- the home buyers. The Rajhya Sabha Select Committee also imposed restrictions and provided guidelines on the dimension limitations, free space, green space, sanitation etc. The Bill was initially proposed solely for residential property but after much debate and demand, it has also been imposed on commercial properties as well.

Enjoy unmatched recreation and lifestyle at Suryaa Homes!

Home is where the heart is, and the heart is where the mind is gratified. Each and every one of us wishes to have a home that emulates our dreams. We need homes, not mere for shelter, but for absolute comfort and wellbeing. In a world of cut throat competition, a home represents a place where you reside peacefully without any worries or hassles. Without peace and comfort, there can’t be a perfect home! A home is not just a random place where we live and later leave, it’s an element of belonging where we grow, learn and get attached to it.

Surya Homes understands a person’s need for an ideal home, and tirelessly works towards gratifying that need. A perfect home is a happy place not only for you, but also for your family. It’s a place where your kids can play, parents can rest and you can relax without any stress. A perfect home also succeeds in delivering a great lifestyle, and Suryaa Homes provides just that. Suryaa Home’s K-I Zone is designed, planned and structured in a way that it pleases your family in the best possible manner.

A spacious home with excellent setup for different kinds of furniture pertains to a great living space. Fully furnished, ready to reside homes ensure that the pain of moving from one place to another is reduced. Open spaces with a lush meadow like landscape makes sure that you have a breath of fresh air every time you inhale. Airy outdoors and greenery across the complex makes it a very healthy environment. Playgrounds within the complex keep the sporting spirit on amongst the youth! This keeps all the recreational activities going smoothly, keeping everyone occupied.
Recreational activities are quite essential for people of all ages. We provide an outdoor amphitheater for kids to enjoy. A massive playing area for kids ensures that little feet are always running around with jubilance and ecstasy. For the elders, a lush green and open space with walking tracks makes sure that their daily outing is never interrupted. For the health-centric people, gardens and jogging tracks are a big bonus where they can exercise and maintain perfect health. At Suryaa Homes K-I Zone, there is something for everybody which connects them to the place, their home.
A massive swimming pool for people of all ages makes for a perfect family activity area where people can come and enjoy a lot. The well maintained pool is a place where your kids can enjoy while learning a lot of things as well. In a fitness perspective, which is very essential foe well-being, a gymnasium is very important. Suryaa Homes provides you with a state of the art gymnasium with the best equipment of international standards.
With such excellent facilities for well-being and recreation, Suryaa Homes makes for an ideal home where you can enjoy and learn along with your family.