Saturday, 2 January 2016

Exploring a smart home at Suryaa Homes!

When a person enters a new home, he has certain expectations. He has an image of the world he will explore. We all have that image of our home, one in which we can see ourselves and our families. If that picture is incomplete or unsatisfactory after having a look at your home, you ought to change it. That’s because we don’t change homes that we own like cars or bikes. It stays with us for a generation and if it is not what we really expect or if it is something that doesn’t gratify us, it’s a real disappointment.
That’s the reason why many people assess a home a hundred times before actually purchasing it. They have a look at the tiles, the view from windows, the bathroom finishing, the walls and interiors and put it under scrutiny so that no shortcoming is left undetected. The facilities provided at Suryaa Homes can pass through any scrutiny of the world; such is the class we provide. We are flawless in our delivery and our approach is very customer oriented, for us, customer satisfaction is everything. Have a look at the facilities and provisions provided at Suryaa Homes-
·         3BHK Property with Registry
·         Completely furnished and ready for shifting
·         Well finished home including excellent POP, painted walls, subtle flooring, great ceiling, well fit lights and fans.
·         Elevators for Passengers and Service provisions
·         Piped gas available for gas usage
·         Ideal design providing great space and utility
·         Optimized lighting and ventilation
·         Waiting space and seating facility for guests in every tower
·         Elevators from Mitsubishi / OTIS or of equal class in every tower
·         Spacious LIVING ROOM, well-structured DINING ROOM
·         Excellent walls with POP punning along with velvet touch paints
·         Provision of immaculate air conditioning
·         Imported marble flooring
·         Teak made Doors and Window frames
·         Well-designed modular kitchen
·         Chimney and exhaust provision

·         Pristine woodwork and fitting

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