Thursday, 10 December 2015

MPD 2021 setting sights on multiple objectives

With the kind of preparation being carried out for building the smart city under the vision and structure of Master Plan Delhi (MDP) 2021, it seems like the project is going to be one of the most ideated and thoughtful plans in the history of long scale development in India. The best thing about MPD is that it has a vision beyond infrastructure. Development in India was strictly limited to physical development and nothing beyond was ever pondered about. Now, with MPD, a metropolis of global standard is being envisioned.
Now, the ecological factor along with traffic management, administrative feasibility, cultural vibrancy, higher standard of living and healthier lifestyle are being aimed at. This is a giant step ahead in a country that believed in physical development alone. The MPD impressively concentrates and stresses on upgrading Delhi by renovating and reconstructing it rather than simply destroying old buildings and erecting newer ones. Slum redevelopment is also being looked upon so there is actually no blind development work that usually spoils an infrastructure. This in fact is reinforcing it and that too in the capital Delhi.
As far as Suryaa Homes is concerned, it has contributed heavily in making the vision of MPD a reality. Through a dedicated group of people who have understood the project, comprehended to its benefits and advantages to the people and also to Delhi, this project has been kick started. It is an opportunity towards a brighter day so we are working tirelessly towards a greater and more viable future. Like MPD’s vision, our aim to be not merely to provide homes to people but it is also to provide them with a living standard that is unprecedented anywhere across India. In a larger perspective, it eventually comes down to raising India’s standard of living as a whole.

Our tireless work is also focused on providing the country a benchmark. We want to develop this estate as a great asset to Delhi, following which many others will try and emulate it. This will certainly raise the bar and will facilitate the construction of many more such cities across India setting the one we are developing as a benchmark! 

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