Thursday, 12 November 2015

The soaring rates prompt immediate investment in k-1 zone

K-1 zone is developing into one highly anticipated structure! The growth on investment has been immaculate. The location, positioning and accessibility of this zone have made it a dream place for several people looking out for homes. Ever since MPD 2021 (Master Plan Delhi) was announced, the development work initiated and the kind of services and amenities that are ought to be provided, the anticipation levels rose dramatically. It is no secret that the k-1 zone that comes under MPD 2021 has been a much awaited project that has captured the imagination of many people wanting to reside in high quality homes.
The land prices are soaring for a reason. And because of the same reason, it is quite evident that this project is going to be one of the most coveted ones. The real estate rates are being affected exceedingly because of the rise in the prices. The entire spectrum and scenario of real estate in Delhi and NCR has changed a lot due to these developments. The rates have already shot up by 2-3 times. And there is concrete speculation that the prices will keep rising by the time the project is ready. Have a look at the rate at which the prices have hiked-
In Dwarka, the prices that ranged from Rs.20-30 lakhs have jumped to almost Rs.90 lakhs – 1 crore.
Sector 13Sector 11
Current Prices: Rs 11,213-9,314 PSF/-
Average Price:  Rs 11,264 PSF/-
Yearly Appreciation

Current Prices: Rs 10,286-8,300 PSF/-
Average Price:  Rs 10,258 PSF/-
Yearly Appreciation
2010-2011 : 19%
2011-2012 : 20%
2012-2013 : 7%

This is only the sector which is adjacent to Dwarka. This is a clear indication that if you want to benefit by investing in property, this is your time. Make an investment and buy a home before it’s too late or too costly!

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