Monday, 2 November 2015

The fire defense advantage with Smart cities

The protection against fire and fire related mishaps in India is very less. People have this mentality that there is no need to spend on something that is never going to happen. People think that no fire will ever break out so having any kind of protection against it is a waste of efforts and money. But, it is also a fact that there are hundreds of incidents across the country where fire mishaps cause a lot of problems. The biggest danger with fire is that it can break out and spread incessantly, even before a person can do anything to halt it from spreading.
But, once a fire breaks out, it is almost impossible to stop it from causing damage. That’s what people don’t understand. Fire has to be stopped as early as possible so that the damage can be less. The spreading of fire multiplies the damage. If we have fire protection systems installed at our place, we can act immediately and reduce the magnitude of the damage. But, most of us rather panic first then call the fire brigade and wait for them to control the fire. Amidst all this time, the damage will already be done.

That’s the reason why smart cities have advanced, state of the art fire protections systems that do two major things- One is that they don’t allow any fire to break with high tech monitoring systems and second being that if a fire accidentally breaks out due to a manual mishap, it controls the intensity of fire immediately. The system is sophisticated by simple for manual usage. People living in the smart city can use these systems to tackle and battle any fire break out, all on their own. This helps in limiting the actual damage. 

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