Saturday, 24 October 2015

Why smart cities oust metropolis’s superiority

Everybody nowadays wants a home in a metropolis. That is mainly because they want to live in a bustling surrounding where every service is available. But, this in fact degrades a person’s standard of living in more than one way. When a person lives in a metropolis, he certainly will have to time to heave a sigh of relief. Those services come at a cost- not monetary- but at the cost of having a lifestyle where you don’t have time for yourself, so imagine how much time you could possibly commit to your family- negligible by any stretch of a person’s imagination.
We don’t realize that money and provisions don’t make an ideal home. An ideal home is achieved when your entire family is prospering; all of you have adequate time enjoy every aspect of life and togetherness. All these things are not possible in a metropolis. Then an argument pops up that where can a person possibly reside then? A village is not appropriate, and so it’s the town as the services are not quick and the provisions are not adequate. Cities suck the personal time out of you them where can you possibly choose to go?
The answer to all these worries lies in a smart city. A smart city ousts a metropolis’s superiority completely. A smart city provides every possible facility you may demand and also ask for after assessing your needs. You want it and you get it- just like you do in a metropolis. But the major difference is that, smart cities provide you with adequate open and green spaces that let you breathe freely. Also, your offices and businesses are easy to travel to thanks to the classy transportation that saves time that you can utilize in spending time with your family!

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