Wednesday, 14 October 2015

How smart cities help in improving your overall well-being!

You can get a home of great luxury in a very bustling and posh area. You can have all the best facilities that match world standards at that residence. With such provisions, you will surely be comfortable and when you are at your place, you’d feel like a king or queen. But, how long can you stay at your place? For days, weeks, months etc. At one point you’d certainly feel like getting out in the fresh air.
People argue that they have work all day and then they come to their homes for rest. But, how long will that routine continue? You’d get bored of the same monotonous routine and you’d eventually feel like getting out. But then, since you have work, you can’t even go out on vacations. Does this mean that you will keep suffering that way? People of all ages need that fresh breath of air at regular intervals of time to freshen up and recharge their batteries.
But, in that posh area, you’d find a bustling road when you go down. You wouldn’t find any space to walk, and even if you need that fresh air, all you will actually get is polluted air coming out of vehicles. A luxurious home doesn’t really mean that it is good for your overall well-being. For that, you’d need open and green spaces. You’d find such spaces only in smart cities with open playgrounds and gardens. Also, open spaces let fresh air enter your lungs that certainly helps you in recharging your batteries.

The elderly can walk across gardens for their daily morning and evening walks, ensuring better health. Kids can play around, keeping them energetic and active all day. The working class can come down every day or once in a while for some rejuvenating time that takes them away from their tight schedules and daily pressures. 

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