Thursday, 17 November 2016

7 Tips on How To Reduce Indoor Air Pollution

Air pollution has always been a major issue of our environment. Indoor or outdoor where ever you go, polluted air makes us sick.  So many people don’t know how badly they are surrounded by harbor air pollutants in their homes. Even if we breathe these polluted airs we can get sick of fatal diseases like lung cancer and asthma. City airs are more polluted inside the home as well as it is outside. Home air is more dangerous than the external environment. The air inside your house may be polluted by formaldehyde or volatile chemicals produced from perfumes of fragrance bottles we use as conventional cleaners.

For centuries, burning coal produced heat in the houses and that made every lung to breath the black coated air inside their home. Children’s suffer from their childhood and come up with bigger disease inside their body and some of them turn into serious asthma patients. Homely stuff of pollution sources including cooking, heating, smoking and spraying stuff to mask various odors. Dusty furniture’s and old clothes are the bigger problems for a person to fall sick inside the room. We never know what happens to our body when we consume these polluted airs into our body.  

1. First, ensure that you have the ‘No Smoking’ policy for indoors. Cigarette smoke is one of the most common indoor air pollutants which can make your kid sick enough to be hospitalized for. If you avoid smoking indoor they It can prevent 65 % of asthma cases among kids. Do not smoke or allow others to smoke inside of your home. Remember, when you use candles at home make sure you place it near the window or you open the window up until the candle finishes. 

2. You better be careful about family household products and very attentive while cleaning them. When you clear an area, make sure that you use some stuff on your nose to cover it and you could use a fan to blow them out the window. Avoid using paints mixed with volatile organic compounds. Do mopping every day which will pick up the dust from the floor. Even putting soaps or cleaners every day is not necessary as you can go with plain water.
3. Every house has their own carpet outside of their door to avoid extra dust. Same you can do it by putting large mats at every door to dirt which comes from their shoes. 

4. You can use a vacuum cleaner which sucks dirt very strongly and keeps your walls, corners, kitchens clean and hygienic enough to avoid humidity in the house. You may need to use the vacuum every day at the place where you stand or work for a long time. 

5. Pay more attention to odors and let your home breathe better from the environment and avoid using harm products containing volatile chemicals. Avoids left over foods keeping inside the home or in the bin for more than a day because it can produce chemical odors.

6. Sometimes, dust on home furniture can cause bacteria flow hand to hand as everyone touches them. If someone living in the home has asthma, replace carpet with tile or wood flooring.
7. Lastly, keep your toilets clean every alternative day and always cover the commode after use to avoid odors and airs which will make your children sick.

I hope, above mentioned tips will be very useful for you all. Kindly share anything about air pollution with us. 

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