Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Smart City and its smart features!

What makes a smart city stand out amongst all types of infrastructures and complexes? Just by calling it a smart city makes it superior to others? Certainly not. A city becomes a smart city owing to its features. Then a question pops up, what features do we benefit from when we choose smart cities? The advantages are countless and the facilities at our disposal are so valuable that it makes you feel that you have paid exceedingly less for the home you have purchased!
Smart cities are planned in a way that traffic issues never come to haunt you! Wide roads that connect to nearest railway and air hubs along with major highways facilitate easy transport.
Wi-Fi connectivity-
The smart age requires smarter facilities. The new generation runs on the internet! 24/7 Wi-Fi connectivity makes sure that your devices keep feeding you the information that you want.
A massive, state of the art gym is at your disposal along with a jogging track and Yoga practicing space. Sweat it out as much as you want. A health-centric person’s paradise resides in a smart city!
Massive playgrounds for sporting enthusiasts and an amphitheater for children and the elderly pertain to recreation that matches all classy standards.

These features surely aren’t found in simple complexes and residential areas, if they are somehow found, they have to be utilized separately spending a lot for all. In smart cities, all these are a part of the plan and you get everything as a part of your daily living. These facilities are structured in a way that a lot of people can benefit with them. 

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